Episode 43: 3-year LBM Social Media trends; Highlights from Skeptical Lumberman Guide to Social Media

Bradley Hartmann and Jenny T. share the latest 3-year social media trends and other highlights from their new book releasing October 1, The Skeptical Lumberman Guide to Social Media. For the 3rd consecutive year, the Behind Your Back Sales Co. team visited every one of the top 100 LBM dealers to catalog their online content and investigated their usage on the top 12 social media platforms.

More importantly, we connected industry leaders to learn how and why they leverage social media to secure top of mind awareness in their market and drive new business. Guests (in the book) include: Rick Lierz, CEO of Franklin Building Supply :: Jim Sobeck, CEO of New South Construction Supply :: Paulo Sitolini, COO of Hayward Lumber :: Ryan Mulkeen, Director of Marketing at Kuiken Bros. :: Natalia Dittmer, Marketing Director at TAL Holdings, LLC :: Stacey Stoffel, Marketing Director at Drexel :: Tim Rethlake, VP Sales Enablement at Hearth & Home Technologies :: Kelsey Schweitzer, Marketing Manager at Foxworth-Galbraith :: Tom Ellerbrook, Regional Manager at FastenMaster :: Isaac Oswalt, CEO at 21 Handshake . . . and many more


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