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"My team has made many comments on how they look forward to every Wednesday morning so they can watch the new video, which is outstanding. When I meet with the team for monthly sales meetings, they’re more engaged, they’re more involved in the dialogue relating to your videos and the topics that we cover. ”

— Clark Willis :: Sales Manager at Kimal Lumber

THE BEHIND YOUR BACK BULLETIN is a year-long, continuous education program designed to introduce and reinforce sales fundamentals in the LBM industry.


Based on real-life examples from the perspective of the buyer, the BEHIND YOUR BACK BULLETIN will keep your team thinking, learning, and improving all year long.   


Each week, a video that is relevant, entertaining, and brief is delivered by email to participants. Employing a full suite of back-end analytics, we capture and share the data from your employees' engagement to ensure a return on your investment, attention, and time.

Click the videos below to see for yourself. 



We know you'll want to understand quickly whether or not you'll be getting a return on your investment. 

That is, whether or not your team is engaging with the weekly videos. No worries—we've got you covered. 

We employ a full suite of back-end analytics to track your team's weekly engagement. Each month we share that data with you in an easy-to-read report along with engagement stats per individual.

Furthermore, we know sales managers are busy, so if a member of your team needs a nudge to get involved, we will kindly reach out to them & offer help in any way.


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