When LBM dealers, distributors, and manufacturers are frustrated with challenges in their business, we love being called in to help solve them. Partnering together, we help design the solution AND ensure it's implemented intelligently to engage your employees in the process.


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While we've completed dozens of consulting projects and have often found similarities among the challenges our clients face, we begin every collaboration the same way—asking questions to ensure we understand where you are today and where you want to be in the future.


To do so, we use our proprietary C4S Model™ to evaluate the primary elements driving your company today: Culture, Strategy, Squad (we could have said Team, but we like the alliteration...), Selling skills, and Selling tools.


By investing the time to fully understand the elements in the C4S Model™, we've consistently proven large problems can be eliminated with relatively small, intelligently designed solutions that are implemented well.           

Challenges we help solve:


Margin Enhancement 

As an area purchasing manager for a national builder covering 7 markets, Hartmann's daily mission was to capture the maximum value for the minimum margin. Employing that same builder mentality, we help clients drive incremental margin for all the value they provide.

Recruiting and Retaining Millennials

In partnership with Purdue University and the University of Denver, Hartmann led an intergenerational, construction-specific study to evaluate how each generation views themselves—and views the other generations. Taking the results and recommendations, we apply them to your business to improve your ability to attract and retain Millennials.

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Upgrading Your Brand Message

At Pulte, Hartmann asked every sales rep the same question: How are you better or different than your competition? The answer to this question often foreshadowed whether or not they were awarded work and at what margin. We ensure your team articulates this well—every single time.    

Bridging the Sales and Marketing Gap

Does your sales team consistently receive content from marketing that makes it easy for them to sell? They should. Too often marketing is distracted by organizing the next contractor BBQ instead of taking executive leadership's insights and converting them into unique collateral that salespeople actually use to drive new sales.   

Sales Manager Systems to Drive Accountability  

Sales managers all want the same thing: a driven team of sales reps who use their time wisely, know how to initiate meaningful conversations with prospects, and articulate value vs. price consistently. We help sales managers eliminate the "babysitting mentality" by implementing a system to better coach their sales reps, hold them accountable, and grow the business.  

Training Library Automation

Every company believes in continuous improvement. Few have customized training libraries with content that is relevant, entertaining, and brief. We partner with you to simplify and automate your employee training, while creating content that your team actually enjoys.

Social Media Strategy Development 

We wrote the book on social media strategy for the LBM industry: The Skeptical Lumberman Guide to Social Media. Using the simple framework in this book, we partner to develop a strategy that is thoughtful about your capital, talent, and time and how it is employed to drive your differentiation online.


If interested in listening to our 6-episode podcast on Leading and Managing Millennials (and everyone else) or you’d like to discuss any other challenges, complete the form below and we'll schedule a call.  

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