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Episode 42: Alaskan Surveyor to Chicago-style Spielberg: Videography 101 with Brian Wiebe 

Customer testimonials are so valuable to your business, especially if they are videos. Over the years, we’ve helped several Behind Your Back Sales Co. clients create their own video testimonials as well as video training content. The expert we’ve relied on is our guest on today’s episode: Brian Wiebe.

As a testament to Brian’s passion toward his craft, he trekked the Alaskan Bush as a land surveyor in order to bootstrap the creation of his indie film and launch his own business. Brian has a Masters Degree in Cinema Arts and also teaches videography at the university level. Wiebe has taught me and my team a ton about the process of making video content and his insights will help you and your team, whether or not you are actively creating video content. Enjoy conversation with Brian Wiebe—thanks for listening.