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Ep. 59 :: Justin Ellis of Elco Building Supply: From President to CEO, the untraditional route

In episode 59 you'll hear the fascinating tale of Justin Ellis. Justin started pushing a broom in his father's yard at 14 and took to the business immediately. Less than two years later he was awarded his driver's license—and promptly began earning new business as an outside sales rep. Working alongside his father throughout high school and college, Justin helped grow the 2-location business and eventually became President. Then, his father informed him, the business was being sold to a competitor. Momentarily sent reeling, Justin regained his balance and teamed with a colleague to acquire an unwanted piece of his family business to launch Elco Building Supply. Wise beyond his Millennial years, Justin shares his journey and the lessons learned that drive his business today. Enjoy my conversation with co-founder and CEO of Elco Building Supply in Roswell, New Mexico, Mr. Justin Ellis. Thanks for listening.


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