Episode 62 - Behind Your Back Podcast

Ep. 62 :: Mike Soulen, VP at Barrons Lumber, on the value of their internal podcast

Welcome to episode 62 of the Behind Your Back Podcast—our first live podcast, as you'll hear—with guest Mike Soulen, Vice President of Barrons Lumber based in Maryland and Virginia. Mike joined me on stage in Orlando, Florida at the LBM Advantage Annual Convention as an example of how LBM dealers are leveraging technology to improve communication, coordination, candor, and engagement within their teams. My keynote was titled, "The Future of LBM Training", and Mike shared why and how the Barrons team creates a weekly internal podcast for their team. After more than 100 episodes, not only does Barrons have an efficient, cost-effective process in place, they also have meaningful results. Mike’s contribution to the presentation was immense. He provides a real-time example of how one LBM dealer is bridging the generational gap between retiring baby boomers who have decades of wisdom, experience, advice, and tribal knowledge to share and the younger “YouTube Generation” who expect learning content to be easy to find and available on-demand so they can choose to learn when and where they please. Enjoy my conversation with Mike Soulen, live from the stage at the 2019 LBM Advantage Annual Convention in Orlando. Thanks for listening.