Episode 64 - Behind Your Back Podcast

Ep. 64 :: Grant Hagen, VDC Manager at the Beck Group, on internal sales and collaborative tech

In episode 64 you'll meet Grant Hagen, the VDC Manager at The Beck Group, a billion-dollar, 107-year-old commercial construction and design firm headquartered in Dallas. If the letters VDC don't mean much to you . . . you are not alone. Consider this a primer on a role you'll be hearing more about in commercial and residential construction in the future as we see "Virtual Design" become more broadly integrated in "Construction" — VDC. Grant is card carrying Millennial, yet is wise beyond his years. His recommendations on collaborative leadership and change management across generational divides will assist anyone struggling with interpersonal communication on the job, let alone introducing new technology to tenured members of your team that resist change. Enjoy my conversation with Grant Hagen of The Beck Group. Thank you for listening.


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