Episode 66 - Behind Your Back Podcast

Ep. 66 :: Mapping the Future with Craig Webb

In episode 66 Bradley Hartmann caught up with Craig Webb at the ProSales 100 Conference in San Antonio where the theme was—appropriately titled for this episode—Mapping the Future

Many of you know Craig as the longtime editor of ProSales and Remodeling magazines. Last October Craig launched his own consulting firm, Webb Analytics, where his focus is helping construction supply insiders make better strategic and tactical decisions on important matters of the day. For example, in this episode Craig discusses a trio of forces—the rising cost of construction, our limited labor pool, and our aging population—that have led to the industry re-evaluating long-established ideas like off-site construction that have either been previously dismissed or underutilized. 

Hartmann and Webb discuss Building Information Modeling (or BIM) and a future where components are mass customized and built by robots instead of workers inside a warehouse. Craig shares important context about a pair of firms that are thinking differently and making noise—Entekra and Katerra—and what their growth means for the industry. Thanks for listening.