Episode 68 - Behind Your Back Podcast

Ep. 68 :: Transform Your Talent with Tony Misura, President of the Misura Group

In episode 68, Bradley Hartmann and guest Tony Misura, founder and president of The Misura Group, talk talent—how to attract it, develop it, train it, and most importantly . . . retain it. The Misura Group is a talent placement firm located in Minneapolis that focuses exclusively on the building products industry. Tony and his team are in the talent business. Their goal is to put great people in front of great companies and Tony speaks candidly about the process of extracting people from firms that are not providing the 3 elements necessary to inspire and motivate the best talent in our industry: an alignment of core values, potential for growth, and specific opportunities paired with incentives. Tony offers immediately applicable advice on how to ensure you are articulating all the non-monetary value your business offers—be that training opportunities, mentorship, flexible work schedules, extra days off for vacation or philanthropic efforts in your community. Every business leader is in the talent recruiting business (or should be) and this episode with talent guru Tony Misura will improve your ability to attract and retain the best talent. Thanks for listening.