Podcast Episodes 1 – 25


Ep. 25 :: Remember This Titan :: Founder and President of Titan Homes, Aman Khan

Ep. 24 :: Lessons from the Trenches with Jim Sobeck of New South Construction Supply

Ep. 23 :: How to (Truly) Deliver Value First

Ep. 22 :: Investing in LBM's Future with VC Tony Palcheck and Digibilt's John McLinden

Ep. 21 :: How to Upgrade Your Sales Meeting

Ep. 20 :: Bill Lee :: The Industry's Mentor

Ep. 19 :: "I'm happy with my current supplier."

Ep. 18 :: Bill Pulte :: a leadership deep dive with the founder of Pulte Homes

Ep. 17 :: Ken Kuehn :: Constructing the Career Crossover

Ep. 16 :: The Mackay 66 v. 2.0 :: A modern update to a classic sales tool

Ep. 15 :: Isaac Oswalt :: Growing your business while you sleep.

Ep. 14 :: Thea Dudley :: Navigating the World of Credit with the SRS VP of Financial Services

Ep. 13 :: Inside the brain of Paul Schmit :: VP of Purchasing at Taylor Morrison

Ep. 12 :: Framing the Social Media Conversation with Natalia Dittmer of Tum-A-Lum Lumber

Episode 11 :: Marcus Lumber version 4.0: Clay and Grant Leavitt

Episode 10 :: The (Sit-Stand) Revolution Man: David Patton of VARIDESK

Episode 9 :: The Best of Both: Bobby Krueger of Mavrek Development, Nathan Marsh of V&M Development

Episode 8 :: Enter Strategyman: Rich Horwath, CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute

Episode 7 :: The Skeptical Lumberman Guide to Social Media

Episode 6 :: Death(s) of a Hollywood Salesman: Actor and Screenwriter Jack Kennedy

Episode 5 :: The Deal Hunter: Jason Behunin of ProBuild BFS

Episode 4 :: The Intentional Lumberman: Dave Reichert of Davis-Hawn Lumber

Episode 3 :: The Romance & Entertainment Industry Evangelist: Tim Rethlake of Hearth and Home

Episode 2 :: The Wizard of Wisconsin: Joel Fleischman of Drexel Building Supply

Episode 1 :: Sneak Preview of the Behind Your Back Podcast