Podcast Episodes 51 - 75


Ep. 75 - Jeff Tweten (WorkSafeWorkSmart.com) :: Summer Reading List 2019 with Jeff Tweten

Ep. 74 - Bradley Hartmann (Behind Your Back Sales Co.) :: Be your own Buc-ee’s

Ep. 73 - Mike Howell (Parr Lumber) :: From driving trucks to driving operations with Mike Howell of Parr Lumber

Ep. 72 - Bradley Hartmann (Behind Your Back Sales Co.) :: Game of Thrones: LBM takeaways from the series finale

Ep. 71 :: Rich Horwath (Strategic Thinking Institute) :: Strategic Thinking is a Superpower with Rich Horwath

Ep. 70 - Ed Cimoch :: Ep. 70 :: The Captain of Corporate Presentations and Dean of Slide Deck Design, Ed Cimoch

Ep. 69 - Bradley Hartmann (Behind Your Back Sales Co.) :: Overconfidence in Drafting Talent: Yours and in the NFL

Ep. 68 - Tony Misura (Misura Group) :: Transform Your Talent with Tony Misura, President of the Misura Group

Ep. 67 - Josh Johnson (Ivey’s) & Tim Reed (Fireside Home Solutions) :: LBM thru an NBA lens with Josh Johnson of Ivey's and Tim Reed of Fireside Home Solutions

Ep. 66 - Craig Webb (Webb Analytics) :: Mapping the Future with Craig Webb

Ep. 65 - Reggie Brown (Impersonator) :: Selling Yourself with Reggie Brown

Ep. 64 - Grant Hagen (The Beck Group) :: Grant Hagen, VDC Manager at the Beck Group, on internal sales and collaborative tech

Ep. 63 - Mark Scherer (Scherer Bros. Lumber) :: The Chief Problem Giver, Mark Scherer, COO of Scherer Bros. Lumber

Ep. 62 - Mike Soulen (Barrons Lumber) :: Mike Soulen, VP at Barrons Lumber, on the value of their internal podcast

Ep. 61 - Donny DeMarie (Cameron Ashley) :: Playing to win with Donny DeMarie, President and CEO of Cameron Ashley

Ep. 60 - Bradley Hartmann (Behind Your Back Sales Co.) :: My punchable face and the biggest dirty little secret in business

Ep. 59 - Justin Ellis (Elco Building Supply) :: Justin Ellis of Elco Building Supply: From President to CEO, the untraditional route

Ep. 58 - Ep. 58 :: The Unsung Heroes from the NLBMDA Dealer of the Year: Drexel Building Supply

Ep. 57 - Brian McCauley (Atrium Windows) :: Windows of Insight into Sales Leadership with Brian McCauley of Atrium Windows

Ep. 56 - Bradley Hartmann (Behind Your Back Sales Co.) :: 2018 Book Review: Top 6 Recommendations

Ep. 55 - Todd Skaggs (Dealers Choice Distribution) :: Zebra Sales Tales: Todd Skaggs, VP at Dealers Choice Distribution, college football official

Ep. 54 - Matthew Schmidt (PulteGroup) :: Matthew Schmidt: Secrets from a Strategic Sourcing Director at PulteGroup

Ep. 53 - AJ Konynenbelt (Zeeland Lumber) :: AJ Konynenbelt of Zeeland Lumber: On the care and feeding of an LBM unicorn

Ep. 52 - Rick Lierz (Franklin Building Supply) :: Rick Lierz, CEO of Franklin Building Supply, on Disney, Fear, and Making Building Easy

Ep. 51 - Bradley Hartmann (Behind Your Back Sales Co.) :: Navigating Your Team Around No