Training Tools

Behind Your Back Bulletin

Do you want your sales team to continuously improve? If so, the BYB Bulletin delivers 52 weeks of sales training that is relevant, entertaining, and brief. To ensure ROI, we track engagement and share the data with you monthly.    

Skeptical Lumberman Guide

The buying process today begins online—without you. We researched the online activity of the top 100 dealers over the past 3 years and condensed it into a brief, visual, and entertaining, book featuring industry all-stars.   

Behind Your Back Podcast

The LBM industry's podcast—candid, entertaining, and insightful. Topics focus on leadership, productivity, time management and selling skills, Guests are dealers, distributors, manufacturers and builders—residential and commercial. 


Mackay 66 v.2.0 Customer Profile

The legendary sales and leadership guru Harvey Mackay created the Mackay 66—a customer profile questionnaire that ensures you truly know your customer or prospect—40 years ago. We updated it and made it freely available.

Online Analysis & Review (O.A.R.)

Social media isn't about you—it’s about your customers and prospects. If they're online, you’ll want to be there too, helping them solve problems and identify opportunities. The O.A.R. will walk you through this process, step by step.

Sales Meeting Agenda

Too many sales meetings are lackluster, frustrating sales managers and boring sales reps. This agenda energizes and improves accountability. Also includes sales pipeline template to drive better prospecting.