“Bradley, everyone gave you rave reviews. The common theme was that it was our best meeting ever because we had you speaking at the meeting. Changing sales behavior in salespeople is very hard to do. There is no doubt in my mind that you and your message reached our team and influenced how they will interact with their customers in the future. That is always what we are striving for in these meetings, but it is rarely achieved.”

— Craig Bradshaw :: President at Mead Lumber Company

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Behind Your Back Sales Co. workshops are interactive training sessions customized specifically for your team. Our half-day, full-day, or two-day sessions include discussions, exercises, and custom workbooks.

Far from the hit-&-run training method that lacks a coherent plan to reinforce and remind your busy team once the workshop ends, every workshop includes a Before-During-After methodology.

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Listed below are our most popular workshop topics. Depending on your goals and objectives, topics can be merged and customized for your team.


SALES FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP The Sales Fundamentals Workshop (SFW) is a 2-day event held every April in Fort Worth, TX. This workshop will focus on the basics of LBM sales and is designed for the most ambitious and committed sales reps from across the country. The SFW can also be customized for individual teams at a location of your choosing.    


“Your session went over exceptionally well with the group. The most used adjective? Engaging.”

— Matteo Cerasoli :: District Manager at Sherwin-Williams

THE CRAFT OF SELLING Customizable, engaging, and interactive, our half-day and full-day sales workshops are perfect fits for sales teams and associations looking for a workshop that attendees will rave about. Far from the "sage on the stage" who talks down to the audience, attendees are constantly involved as they learn by doing. Incorporating various forms of media into his presentation, Hartmann keeps attendees laughing and learning. 

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NEGOTIATING WITH BUILDERS For years Hartmann used his negotiation skills to save Pulte tens of thousands of dollars annually contracting with dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and installers. In this workshop, Hartmann instills the negotiation mindset and shares a framework to ensuring your margins won't be squeezed without your consent.    

SOCIAL MEDIA THAT DRIVES SALES Leveraging the insights and examples in the defining book on LBM social media strategy—The Skeptical Lumberman Guide to Social Media—we show sales teams how to consistently expand on their own insights to enable them to return to their customers and prospects month after month with original content that helps builders make, find, or save money. 

LEADING BEYOND BIASES—UNCONSCIOUS OR OTHERWISE Human beings are bias-making machines. We all have and employ them—consciously and subconsciously—as we navigate our busy lives. The challenge is becoming aware of our personal biases and understanding if those biases affect our ability to lead. In this engaging and entertaining workshop, Hartmann combines candor and humor to help attendees know themselves better in order to better lead others. 

LEADING AND MANAGING MILLENNIALS In partnership with Purdue University and the University of Denver, Bradley Hartmann led an intergenerational, industry-specific study to evaluate how each generation views themselves—and views the other generations. The results and recommendations will entertain and enlighten, enabling your multigenerational team to collaborate more effectively.

GOOD TO EXCELENTE With his fluency in Spanish and his cultural experience living in Guadalajara, Mexico, Hartmann helps your team bridge the language and cultural gaps to improve communication and trust to develop long-term loyalty among your Hispanic customers and employees. For more information, visit

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